Falkenbach – Tiurida

After an absence of several years Vratyas Vakyas returns to the stage with Falkenbach, his brainchild. It’s basically a one-man project, heavily inspired by Norwegian mythology and ancient Viking lore. His latest offering is entitled Tiurida, which can be translated as glory in regular English. Let’s take a closer look to Falkenbach’s latest offering.

It’s often said that a long absence is good for inspiration and that’s certainly the case for Vratyas Vakyas and Falkenbach. This new album simply bursts with energy and great ideas. The backbone of Tiurida is formed by epic melody lines, which are in turn reinforced with lots of acoustic guitars, soaring guitar leads, clean Viking styled vocals and the occasional Black Metal shrieks.

The true beauty of Tiurida lays in the different layers of each composition. Each element in songs like Where Ravens Fly, Time Between Dog And Wolf, Runes You Shall Know and In Flames simply belongs there. Small details like the sounds of flowing water, flutes, little piano pieces and the string sections conjure up images of Scandinavia back in the Viking era. Despite the folk elements there is this dormant feeling of grimness mixed with a romantic sense of melancholy. It certainly adds to the rich atmosphere of this album.

The production of Tiurida is simply outstanding. It has a crystal clear sound which makes all the acoustic instruments come out particularly well. The heavy parts still have enough edge to call Tiurida a genuine metal album.

If there’s one band that keeps the spirit of Quorthon and Bathory alive it would be Falkenbach. There’s one key difference though, Vratyas Vakyas can actually sing…

written by Raymond Westland


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