Battlelore – Doombound

Many bands within the metal genre are inspired by the epic tales of J.R.R Tolkien and his Lord Of The Rings. Battlelore from Finland are such a band. They specialize in grand anthems about glory, heroes en bloodshed in the best Tolkien tradition. Their latest offering is a true concept album about the tragic story of Túrin Turambar, one of the greatest heroes of the First Era of Middle Earth. Let’s take a trip into a world full of sorcerers, elves and dragons.

When it comes down to the lyrics and themes Battlelore have a lot in common with bands like Turisas and Ensiferum. The folk element and the profound love for epic melody lines they share with the aforementioned groups as well. The main difference is that the music of Battlelore is firmly rooted in the Doom/Death Metal realm. They remind me a lot of the older Tristania, Draconian and other bands with so called “beauty and the beast” vocals.

It has to be said that Battlelore are experts in fusing folk elements, epic melody lines and traditional Doom/Death elements in quite an original mix. Compositions like Bloodstained, Iron Of Death, Enchanted and Fate Of The Betrayed are shining examples of that. On the downside the tracks on Doombound are very much from the same mould, which makes this album somewhat monotonous once you’ve passed Kärmessurma. I can’t say I’m particularly impressed by the female vocals on Doombound either.

As is the case with many Finnish colleagues in the Pagan/Battle Metal field the production of Doombound is simply stunning. It’s clear but heavy enough to underscore the heroic metal element of this album.

Doombound by Battlelore is a very solid, yet somewhat flawed effort. The album has enough quality to offer, but I prefer the progressive tendencies of bands like Mar De Grises and Swallow The Sun. Nonetheless a very decent album by these heroic Fins.

written by Raymond Westland


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