Squadra Omega – Squadra Omega

Let’s start with the facts: Squadra Omega are a sextet from Italy and this self-titled album has been released in November 2010. Their music is a bit more difficult to describe: the band plays a weird mix of krautrock and post-rock with elements of psychedelic rock, space rock and jazz, resulting in ethereal jams.

The album starts with the 16 ½ minute long Murder In The Mountains. It’s one long jam but so full of echoes and noise that it’s almost a soundscape. The bass guitar is recognisable, just like the drums, but the rest is a haze of guitars and saxophones or flutes. After the drum beat stops in the middle of the song a spoken word passage leads to the full soundscape which develops to the song’s final rhythm. The band keep on going until the song ends with a fade-out, sadly. A proper ending would have been better for this tense atmosphere.

The Mistery Of The Deep Blue Sea sounds like The Flaming Lips covering a Neu! song. A straight beat, monotonous bass and guitar lines and strange vocals build the whole song. There are no saxophones on this one but the next track Hemen – Hetan! Hemen – Hetan! gives the full jazz experience. This mix of weird noises, straight beats and almost free jazz saxophone improvisations isn’t easy to listen to and doesn’t sound like post-rock at all, but this is the surprising element. Nevertheless this track is only something for hardcore jazz lovers.

Ermete starts with a three minute long drone of different sounds until evolving to a classic hard rock song with slight doom metal elements. This time, the track reminds me of Neu! trying to be Black Sabbath.

The final track All The Words You Can Find has a vintage industrial beat and features rather regular vocals this time. A heavily distorted guitar and a deep bass are the specialities of this song. It’s quite different to the other songs and that explains why it’s featured as a 7” single that accompanies the actual album LP. (There is no CD release available, by the way, but you can download the album.)

All in all, Squadra Omega’s self-titled album is only something for lovers of highly experimental music based on jams. If you prefer actual songs or only like heavy post-rock, this album won’t suit your tastes.

written by Wolfgang Merx


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