Bruce Lamont – Feral Songs For The Epic Decline

When you’re familiar with the music from Circle Of Animals and Yakuza you know that Bruce Lamont isn’t about doing things the conventional way. His avant-garde jazz approach to music makes it equally as enthralling as repulsing. In his spare time he worked on his solo album, entitled Feral Songs For The Epic Decline. Knowing his musical background I braced myself for a stride into musically uncharted territories.

Feral Songs For The Epic Decline is quite a musical journey into the avant-garde country, somewhat in the vain of Kayo Dot and Secret Chiefs 3. This album doesn’t contain songs in the traditional sense, but rather a lush collection of soundscapes with jazzy interludes, bizarre sound effects and psychedelics.

2 Then The 3 is carried by an acoustic guitar line and wailing vocals by Bruce Lamont and it has a strange experimental Pink Floyd quality to it. Deconstructing Self-Destruction is a sonic journey into distorted madness, while Disgruntled Employer is an avant-garde jazz composition with signature saxophone parts mixed with psychedelic hypnotic effects. The Book Of The Law is another exercise into distorted madness, much like the previously mentioned Deconstructing Self-Destruction. Year Without Summer has a somewhat jazzy and melancholic feel and shares the same build-up as 2 Then The 3.

It’s a tough album to judge. On one side I can appreciate the rich textures, the seamless merging of different musical styles and the uncompromising musical vision of Bruce Lamont. On the other hand some compositions tend to bog down, due to a lack of any form or structure. This is certainly the case on One Who Stands On The Earth and Deconstructing Self-Destruction.

Feral Songs For The Epic Decline is an intense and interesting trip into the musical mind of Bruce Lamont. However, it’s not an album I’ll put on every day. It would be a great soundtrack to films like No Country For Old Men or There Will Be Blood, but this one is a tad too weird even for my taste.

written by Raymond Westland


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