Titan – Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams is the new album by the New York based quartet Titan. It features long, hard and fast band jams sounding like a mix of Hawkwind and Deep Purple.

The opening title track starts with full power but the band just thrashes through the song most of the time. The middle part consists of guitar and keyboard arpeggios without much happening at all, as if an instrumental voice would be missing. But the track culminates in a synthesizer solo until the band stops and a harpsichord brings the song to an end with the electric guitar joining in.

Sadly nearly all other tracks are similar to the title track, although each one has some specialties. Wooded Altar Beyond The Wander is the only song with vocals but they are kept very short. Highlands Of Orick features good guitar work during the second half of the song although there are many guitar solos featured on this album, all sounding quite similar. Maximum Soberdrive, the album’s final and longest track with eleven minutes, creates tension but only leaves the listener with a long fade-out. Where is the ending? This is really bad.

Then there is the specific case of the track Synthasaurs. This electronic piece doesn’t fit into this album’s context as it sounds like classic Tangerine Dream and nothing else. Although the track is quite good it simply is totally different from all other songs. It consists of synthesizers, minimal drumming, string and choir sounds which seems as if Titan’s keyboarder was left on his own while recording this one.

The production of this album transforms the music into a wall of sound in the loud passages which doesn’t leave much space for each instrument. Sometimes only guitars and drums are heard, leaving only noise and hints of what is happening in the background.

All in all Titan’s Sweet Dreams is a mediocre album that brings back the old sounds of hard rock and space rock, but leaving plenty of room for improvement.

written by Wolfgang Merx


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