The Shadow Theory – Behind The Black Veil

Devon Graves, the illustrious vocalist of Deadsoul Tribe and Psychotic Waltz, has embarked on a new musical journey. With his newly formed band The Shadow Theory he has produced an album that is certain to leave an impression.

Behind the Black Veil is the first concept album that Graves has ever made and I must say: it is a good one. It takes you on a trip through a… bad trip actually. It tells the story of a man taking drugs. During his trip, he wakes from one nightmare into another until he can no longer tell where dream ends and reality begins. It is a true horror story that is best listened to like reading a book. Therein lays the strength of the album and at the same time, its weakness.

The stronger songs on Behind The Black Veil are potent enough to be heard outside the lyrical concept of the album. The Sound Of Flies is good example of that. Others compositions, like Sleepwalking for instance, really depend on the atmosphere of the album and the drift that you catch listening to the whole record. That isn’t a bad thing really, if you are in to it. Then it’s a really cool ride.

Ultimately, Behind the Black Veil has become a very heavy and sinister album that combines trash, psychedelic and symphonic metal and fuses it with folk and prog. You can even add doom metal to this list, because some parts reminded me of Candlemass.

With The Shadow Theory, Devon Graves has founded a formidable band. Demi Scott on keyboards, Arne Schuppner on guitars, Kristoff Gildenlöw on bass guitar and Johanne James on drums are perfectly able to tell the story. If Graves manages to keep up this level of songwriting and storytelling,The Shadow theory is here to stay.

written by Maarten Merkens


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