Year Of No Light – Ausserwelt

Music from France is already extensively covered on Home Nucleonics and yet here’s another worthy addition. Year Of No Light come from Bordeaux and they’re firmly entrenched in the post rock/core business. They got a couple of releases under their belt, including two studio albums in the disguise of Nord (2006) and Ausserwelt, their current release. Let’s engulve ourselves in the dark world of Ausserwelt.

On Ausserwelt the band truly live up to their name, because it’s a very dark and  intense journey through the most depressing music I heard in a long time. The album contains four instrumental tracks that combine the best elements from Neurosis with the sludgy tendencies of Minsk and the black metal aesthetics of Tombs and Altar Of Plagues. The funeral doom and drone parts are slightly reminiscent of Sunn O))).

The best thing about Ausserwelt is that it captivates you from the first few opening seconds of Perséphone (Enna) to the dying tones of Abbesse. The whole record is one tumultuous maelstrom of noise, feedback, twisted melodies, hidden layers of electronics and keyboards and tribal drumming. Ausserwelt really resonates with the very essence of my being.

This is the kind of music that really defies any kind of description. It’s a musical journey you should hear through your headphones while being in a darkened room. In short, Ausserwelt by is the perfect soundtrack for the darkest days of Winter. Utterly breathtaking!

written by Raymond Westland


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