Neverness – The Art Of War

The Art Of War is the new EP by the Spanish quartet Neverness. After a couple of albums with long progressive tracks the band seemed to have to break up because of financial issues, but now they’re back.

As a result, the EP shows the band trying to keep their songs more compact. Which doesn’t mean that Neverness is going to hit the mainstream now. They haven’t given up on their progressive style, although a great part of their music is classic hard rock. In fact, the music is rather down-to-earth, guitar-driven and only with slight keyboard additions, reminding me of Rush sometimes. But its changing structures are the central point.

There is a lot of action in those short songs, yet they still sound very accessible. They simply rock but have interesting time signature-, chord- and dynamical changes that show how well-thought-out these compositions really are. Although the production is simple and concentrated on the music, the precise use of certain gimmicks shows how easily this good music can become even better through such sound effects.

There are certain musical influences like the intro of the second track The World’s Not Enough, which sounds like Muse’s Undisclosed Desires, or the mostly anthemic English vocals which remind me of late 70’s or 80’s album-oriented rock bands like Foreigner. But these influences only make the music more special as they aren’t obvious – the band knows how to create their own sound.

The Art Of War is a very good appetizer of what Neverness can do in short form. Combined with longer songs, a great album could lie ahead.

written by Wolfgang Merx


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