The Crown – Doomsday King

Over the years I developed a soft spot for The Crown, because of their “take no prisoners” attitude with their music. Their incendiary mixture of thrash metal, death metal and rock ‘n’ roll delivered a couple of rough gems, such as Hell Is Here (1996), Deathrace King (2000), Crowned In Terror (2002) and Possessed 13 (2003). Sadly they called it quits in 2004, only to resurface this year with a brand new album, entitled Doomsday King.

This album also marks the debut of singer Jonas Stålhammar and that’s about the biggest musical change in the band’s sound. Besides that, it’s business as usual on Doomsday King. The band’s patented cocktail of thrash and death metal with a nifty bit of rock n’ roll still works as a charm on songs like Angel Of Death 1918, Age Of Iron, Soul Slasher and Through Eyes Of Oblivion.

This album takes the frantic pace of Hell Is Here and Crowned In Terror and combines it with the song writing prowess of Possession 13, thus enhancing the quality of killer tracks such as The Tempter And The Bible Black, Desolation Domain and Blood O.D.

I normally prefer lots of technical and progressive elements, but I’ll make an exception for The Crown. This band simply has a very effective musical formula and the music is brought with so much vim and vigour, so why bother to change it? Sound wise, Doomsday King has the best production the band has ever had.

On Doomsday King The Crown do what they do best, namely delivering uncompromising death ‘n’ roll with boundless attitude. Welcome back gentlemen!

written by Raymond Westland


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