Dååth – Dååth

A couple of years ago Dååth made quite an impression on the metal community with their intricate brand of progressive death metal. The band weren’t too crazy about The Hinderers, their breakthrough album. Ironically the critics and fans raved about it. With the release of their follow-up album The Concealers, it was the exact way around. The band loved it, but the album received less than favourable feedback. Now the Dååth boys are back with a brand new album, simply entitled Dååth.

On the new album the band mean business. The song material is brutal and compact, yet surprisingly catchy at times. Titles such as Genocidal Maniac, Double Tap Suicide, Terminal Now and The Decider speak volumes here. The maniacal vocal delivery by Sean Z. is another sign of the album’s scorching intensity.

Intelligent song writing goes hand in hand with brilliant guitar antics by Eyal Levi and Emil Werstler. Skinsman Kevin Talley adds a lot of drive and intensity with his technical and tasteful drumming. Songs like Destruction/Restoration, Indestructible Overdose and the aforementioned Double Tap Suicide and The Decider are among the best Dååth have ever written.

Production wise the album has a clear but not too polished sound, adding a lot of additional bite to the already edgy song material. Courtesy of Dååth’s own Emil Wrestler and producer Mark Lewis.

Uncompromising and relentless, combined with impeccable song writing prowess, this is simply the best Dååth record to date. Impressive!

written by Raymond Westland


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