Schizoid Lloyd – Virus

Some time ago I was at a party when someone told me about a talented band from Haarlem, called Schizoid Lloyd. I was amused by the quirky name, but after hearing the music on their Virus EP it turned to be the perfect description for their specific style.

The music presented on Virus is a somewhat schizophrenic mixture between A Perfect Circle and Porcupine Tree in the softer parts, combined with the offbeat approach of Tool in the harsher and more technical parts. This is especially the case on Quarantine. The title track is very much in line of early Pain Of Salvation. This is especially the case with the vocal patterns and the song’s build-up.

Songs like The Fall and Nothing Left remind me of Psychotic Waltz and Opeth, while the latter song is again heavily influenced by the psychedelic tendencies of Porcupine Tree. Oceansize might be a reference here as well. Another standout fact are the mature song structures aiding the listener through this musical adventure.

In essence Virus is a myriad of all kinds of different influences, lovingly stitched together with mesmerizing results. From what I’ve heard these guys are still unsigned, so dear labels, what are you waiting for?

written by Raymond Westland


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