Filter – The Trouble With Angels

Filter’s creative mastermind, Richard Patrick, is finally on the right track again. After his flawed collaboration with the DeLeo brothers in Army Of Anyone he reformed his old band/project with Anthems For The Damned as a result. I wasn’t too crazy about that particular album. Filter’s latest output however, entitled The Trouble With Angels, is a worthy return to form. Let’s have a closer look.

The album starts in compelling fashion with the anger filled The Inevitable Relapse, Drug Boy and Absentee Father. A big wall of guitars, catchy hooks, subtle electronic sublayers and the sarcasm soaked vocals of Richard Patrick, just the way I like my Filter. These songs remind me a lot of Title Of Record and The Amalgamut. Certainly good times here.

Richard Patrick’s little party continues with No Love, Down With Me, Catch A Falling Knife and Shot From The Sun. All of them songs that can easily rival with Filter classics such as Welcome To The Fold, Hey Man Nice Shot, Captain Bligh and Columind.

Unfortunately, there’s also a downside to The Trouble With Angels, a little thing that plagued the previous albums as well. When Richard Patrick gets sentimental his music gets way too sappy for my taste. This is sadly also the case with My Life Before, Fades Like A Photograph and Plume. It simply stalls the record.

Production wise there is nothing to complain about, thanks to the capable hands of Bob Marlette and Richard Patrick himself.

The Trouble With Angels sounds very inspired and contains some of the best material that Richard Patrick has written in a very long time. It’s certainly in the same league as the aforementioned Title Of Record and The Amalgamut. Unfortunately, it has its share of lesser gods as well. My advice: skip the lesser tracks and you’ll have a very rewarding listening experience.

written by Raymond Westland


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