Cephalic Carnage – Misled By Certainty

Sleep deprivation, shitloads of caffeine and an imminent migraine attack put me in the right mood to write about the newest slab of vintage Rocky Mountain Hydro Grind by Cephalic Carnage. Their latest offering goes by the name of Misled By Certainty and marks the return of this very unique band.

This album pretty much picks up where Anomalies and Xenosapien left off. Once again the Cephalic Carnage guys bombard their audience with a terrific display of technical extreme metal. Grindcore, freestyle jazz, sludge, doom- and death metal, it’s all included on Misled By Certainty.

The band also know to combine their considerable music skills with even better song arrangements. Yes dear reader, they actually write well structured compositions with catchy hooks included. Songs like The Incorrigible Flame, Abraxas Of Filth, Raped By An Orb and Ohrwurm will attest to that.

This album also has a couple of nods to their grindcore past in the form of Pure Horses, P.G.A.D, Power And Force and Aeyeucgh. Just short bursts of metalized anger. There are also two slower midtempo songs, entitled Cordyceps Humanis and Repangaea. Those tracks remind me of Neurosis, brought to you in their patented hydrocore way of course.

The dry and clear production by Dave Otero gives Misled By Certainty the edge and attitude it needs.

Misled By Certainty is the perfect follow-up record to Xenosapien. Diversity, great hooks, killer grooves and even better songs are the key words here. This is extreme metal at its very best!

written by Raymond Westland


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