Yakuza – Of Seismic Consequence

Compared to the musical exploits of Sahg and Spiritual Beggars the material presented by Yakuza is something from another planet. All three bands have a somewhat stoner rock/desert feel to their music, but Yakuza combine this with the technical antics of The Mars Volta/Omar Rodriguez-Lopez. Let’s focus on their latest release, entitled Of Seismic Consequence.

Their new album is once again an atrocious affair in the good sense of the word. Progressive elements are combined with more easygoing parts, just to speed off in feel to avant-garde madness. The good news is that this time the band do attempt a rudimentary form of song structures. That makes this album a bit more accessible.

There are some softer jazzy parts as well, but mostly it’s freejazz/stoner/progressive/ avant-garde madness, especially on songs like Thinning The Herd, Stones And Bones, Testing The Waters and Good Riddance.

Of Seismic Consequence is one of those albums that I won’t play much, but which I fully enjoy when I’m in the right mood for it. The unpolished and gritty production add to the savage and uncompromising character of this album.

If you’re into experimental music by the likes of Omar Rodriguez-Lopez/The Mars Volta, Mr Bungle, Cephalic Carnage and Fantomas and you don’t mind a rough production, then this should give you your next high!

written by Raymond Westland


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