Sahg – III

Norway is well-known for its high profile contribution to metal in general, especially in the extreme metal sector. There are also bands who are active in the lighter side of the spectrum, such as Audrey Horne and Sahg. This last group, consisting of members from Audrey Horne and Gorgoroth, play a form of Black Sabbath influenced hardrock/doom metal with slightly progressive undertones. The guys are back with their third full length, simply entitled III.

On their new record things haven’t changed much. Sagh still provide their audience with their trademark sound encapsulated in well written songs. The only difference is that singer/guitarist Olav Iversen tries to sound less like Ozzy Osbourne, which is a major leap in the right direction in my book.

Of course one could argue that Sahg play it safe with III. There’s a lot of truth in that, but then again, this is not the kind of band who indulge themselves in wild musical adventures en experimentation.

So what makes III so appealing to me? First of all the aforementioned high quality songs with catchy hooks to die for. Secondly, I love the bluesy guitar work by Olav Iversen and Thomas Tofthagen. Thirdly, the whole vintage atmosphere makes this record a blast to listen to.

The production of III is somewhat gritty but clear, adding a lot to the overall vintage character of this album.

My personal recommendations: Baptism Of Fire, Mortify, Spiritual Void and Downward Spiral.

written by Raymond Westland


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