Pain Of Salvation – Road Salt One

This band led by Daniel Gildenlöw has always been about progression in the true sense of the word. Expanding your sound, incorporating new influences and exploring new musical avenues, that is what Pain Of Salvation has done on gems like One Hour By The Concrete Lake, The Perfect Element and Remedy Lane. Change is certainly the main theme on the band´s latest record, entitled Road Salt One.

Whether or not you are going to appreciate Road Salt One depends on your willingness to grow along with the evolutionary growth of Daniel Gildenlöw and Co. Except for the resident emotional depth, this record has really nothing in common with the classic Pain Of Salvation material.

It certainly took me some time to get used to the new sound. Their progressive metal roots have been replaced by a straightforward vintage seventies rock sound, not much unlike Led Zeppelin. The band has also included blues and gospel influences, especially on Of Dust, Tell Me You Don´t Know and No Way. The absolute jewel on this album is Sisters, certainly one of the best songs Pain of Salvation have written in over a decade. Other highlights are Where It Hurts, Linoleum, Under The Stars and the title track.

The production of Road Salt One is gritty and unpolished. This really enhances the overall retro feel. Furthermore Daniel Gildenlöw really shines on this album as a vocalist. The emotional richness of his voice is simply mind-blowing.

Despite all the changes Daniel Gildenlöw and Co have delivered their most focussed effort in several years. I can´t wait for Road Salt Two!

written by Raymond Westland


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