Novembers Doom – Into Night’s Requiem Infernal

It’s still a big mystery to me why Chicago based Novembers Doom never managed to break through to a bigger crowd like Opeth did. Albums like The Pale Haunt Departure, The Novella Reservoir and To Welcome The Fade are every bit as good as any given Opeth record. Last year Novembers Doom released their latest offering, entitled Into Night’s Requiem Infernal. Let’s have a closer look.

On their latest album Novembers Doom maintain their musical course set on The Novella Reservoir. The new material isn’t as doomy anymore compared to The Pale Haunt Departure for instance. Most compositions are fairly compact, relatively up-tempo and do have a really nice progressive edge. Songs like A Eulogy For The Living Lost, Empathy’s Greed, Lazarus Regret and The Harlot’s Lie are prime examples of that.

I did mention Opeth on purpose, because both bands share a lot of musical similarities. Both Novembers Doom and Opeth have a liking for progressive twists and turns in their music, they have certain death metal influences and both share the same gift of creating hauntingly bleak atmospheres. In all fairness I’d like to point out that Novembers Doom has an original sound of their own and they’re any bit as good as Paradise Lost and Katatonia. The aforementioned bands are just meant as references, nothing more.

Into Night’s Requiem Infernal shows Chicago’s finest in good shape. This album contains some of their best material written to date and I’m very content with their current musical course. Last but not least, production wise it’s all good, thanks to Novembers Doom‘s own Chris Wisco and the capable hands of Dan Swanö (Edge Of Sanity, Nightingale).

If you’re into Paradise Lost, Opeth and Katatonia then Into Night’s Requiem Infernal by Novembers Doom is a mandatory listen. Essential!

written by Raymond Westland


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