Mar De Grises – Draining The Waterheart

Another recent discovery of mine is a band called Mar De Grises. They’re from Chili and they’re firmly within the doom/death arena, although their music has a very distinctive progressive edge. The band have several releases under their belt, Their most recent album, entitled Draining The Waterheart is the main subject of this review.

Draining The Waterheart opens with Sleep Just One Dawn and Kilometres De Nada. Both songs have a myriad of majestic riffs, elaborate piano parts, unsuspected breaks and adventurous arrangements to offer. Both songs set the stage for what you can expect of the rest of the album.

Other compositions worth mentioning are the hauntingly beautiful One Possessed and the majestic Liturgia: Convite Y Prefiguracion, which is more progressive and adventurous than the last three Dream Theater albums combined. This is sheer beauty.

Draining The Waterheart is by no means an easy listening album. The music is more layered and complex then the recent Opeth and Novembers Doom material. It takes several intense sessions before you start to appreciate the richness, the elaborate textures and the musical depth of this album. Production wise it can hold its own against the best of what Europe and the USA have to offer.

Draining The Waterheart by Mar De Grises is just sheer musical magic. Haunting melodies, adventurous compositions and an atmosphere to die for. I’m simply hooked!

written by Raymond Westland


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