Detonation – Emission Phase

Utrecht based Detonation are another fine Dutch metal band. They got a couple of releases under their belt, most notably An Epic Defiance (2003) and Portals To Uphobia (2005). They’re clearly inspired by the Gothenburg school of melodic death metal, but they do give their own fairly original flavour. Their third full-length, entitled Emission Phase (2007) is their finest effort to date and it’s on display now.

Bands like At The Gates and older Dark Tranquillity still form the basis for Emission Phase, but on this album the band starts to experiment with clean vocals, more elaborate arrangements and even more intricate guitar fireworks by Koen Romeijn and Mike Ferguson. Even a band like Death comes to mind as an indication for the overall technical level.

Detonation also have a knack for writing memorable songs with great hooks and even better melodies. The blending of technical prowess and great songwriting skills make Emission Phase a true winner. Compositions like Invoking The Impact, Craven Ablaze, Chockedamp, Infected and Reborn From The Radiance are great examples of the former.

Are there any negative points then? Frankly, no. Emission Phase has a surplus of memorable songs, everything is just fine in the sound department and the short soundbites and clean vocals prove to be a great edition to the whole Detonation sound.

I really like this album. I’m not the biggest fan of the whole Gothenburg styled melodic death metal movement, however Detonation is clearly an exception to the rule. I sincerely hope that they will keep on expanding their sound. Nice!

written by Raymond Westland


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