Zyklon – Disintegrate

After the demise of Emperor its members went their separate ways and raised new bands. Ihsahn kept himself busy with his solo career while Trym and Samoth formed Zyklon. They released three studio albums under the Zyklon moniker, of which the last album is on display here. Enter Disintegrate. In hindsight the title was a grim writing on the wall when the band called it a day in late 2007.

Back to the main subject. On Disintegrate the band solidified the course set with its predecessor Aeon, namely a blistering combination of black and death metal with dark industrial styled elements to spice things up. Add the impressive growls of Secthdamon and the furious leadwork by Destructhor and you know you’re in for a wild ride.

The emphasis on Disintegrate is on solid songwriting. All the compositions are skilfully arranged with loads of savage riff-o-rama, memorable choruses and twisted melodies. The thunderous drumming by Trym keeps it all together. Dark industrial layers and even the occasional clean singing add lots of depth and texture to songs like In Hindsight, Ways Of The World, A Cold Grave, Wrenched and Vulture.

The production is skilfully handled by the famous Fredrik Nordstrom (In Flames, At The Gates) giving Disintegrate its massive signature sound.

This album signalled the end for this great band, but it still holds its own to this very day. Especially recommended to people who are into Red Harvest, Behemoth and of course Emperor.

written by Raymond Westland


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