Red Harvest – A Greater Darkness

Red Harvest are one of the best kept secrets from the Norwegian extreme metal underground. Their brand of industrial metal puts Fear Factory, Ministry and Nine Inch Nails to shame when it comes to intensity, dark atmospheres and even bleaker soundscapes. Albums like Cold Dark Matter, Sick Transit Gloria Mundi and Internal Punishment Programs still take my breath away to this very day.

This is also the case with their latest album, appropriately titled A Great Darkness. Once again the band manage to create the incredible intense claustrophobic and catatonic atmosphere they’re notorious for. Let’s dive deeper into this sonic nightmare.

Compared to Cold Dark Matter and Sick Transit Gloria Mundi this album has a slightly more organic feel with less emphasis on beats, brown notes and other industrial tinged niceties. It doesn’t mean they’re all gone, but they’ve simply been put more into the background in favour of more humanly created musical mayhem.

The best part of A Greater Darkness is the diversity in different styles and the way they’re incorporated into solid compositions like Antidote, Dead Cities, Mouth Of Madness, I Sweat W.O.M.D. and Warthemes. You’ll hear elements from doom, black and death metal combined with the best elements that industrial metal has to offer. Utterly impressive.

When you’re done with the one-dimensional hammering of Fear Factory, you think that Trent Reznor is a cry-baby and Ministry isn’t intense enough, then go for this record. You won’t be disappointed. While you’re at it, check the aforementioned Red Harvest albums out as well!

written by Raymond Westland


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