Freak Kitchen – Land Of The Freaks

Fairly famous in Scandinavia but scantly known in these parts of Europe are the Swedes from Freak Kitchen. Lead by guitar virtuoso and vocalist Mattias “IA” Eklundh the band have released several records over the years, including Spanking Hour (1996), Move (2002)  and Organic (2005). The latest addition to the Freak Kitchen discography is an album entitled Land Of The Freaks. Let the freak show begin!

Okay, the last sentence is a bit cheesy, but it does sum up what you can expect on Land Of The Freaks. The basis of this band are the incredible guitar antics by Mattias Eklundh, backed up by the equally formidable rhythm section consisting of Christer Örtefors on bass and Björn Fryklund on drums. Now one would expect that their music is highly technical and therefore utterly inaccessible. Nothing could be further from the truth though.

Yes, these guys know how to handle their respective instruments, but the true catch lies in their incredible catchy music. Freak Kitchen combines the best elements from progressive rock/metal, jazz, punk and pop music and provides its audience with pointy songs with the most impressive and catchy hooks you will ever hear from a metal band. Tracks like God Save The Spleen, Teargas Jazz, Sick Death By Hypochondria, Honey You’re A Nazi, Murder Groupie and Clean It Up will win you over in no time.

Land Of The Freaks has the best production to date, thanks to the skilful fingers of Mattias Eklundh himself.

Memorable songs, even better hooks and a technical level which most musicians could only dream of, these Swedes really shine on Land Of The Freaks. Give yourself a break and get this gem. Freakishly amazing!

written by Raymond Westland


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