Muse – The Resistance

My relationship with Muse is somewhat ambivalent. Records like Origin Of Symmetry and Absolution are stunningly brilliant, but I’m not always in the mood for putting up with the hysteric vocals by Matt Bellamy. Black Holes And Revelations I find quite uninspired, especially compared to its two predecessors. Their latest record, The Resistance, is an album with many faces, so let’s go.

Brilliant, pompous, bloated, but most of all wayward. Just some words to describe the feelings I get from The Resistance. The album is very much keyboard/piano driven and has a classical feel to it, shifting somewhere between the lighter pieces by Chopin and the overwhelming bombast of Wagner’s Gotterdämmerung.

The Exogenesis Symphony parts have a certain classic Pink Floyd vibe over them. Songs like Uprising and Undisclosed Desires have a vague Nine Inch Nails feel to them.

Another major influence on this is album is Queen. It’s in fact so much over the place, it’s getting flagrantly close to plagiarism, This is especially the case in I Belong To You, Guiding Light, Unnatural Selection, and United States Of Eurasia. It does however work well within the framework of The Resistance and Matt Bellamy and Co get away with it.

I view The Resistance as Matt Bellamy’s musical salute to the classic albums by Queen and Pink Floyd in particular and to classical music in general. This album is certainly no Origin Of Symmetry or Absolution, but it does tend to get under your skin after a couple of spins. The Resistance is both brilliant and kitsch in equal measure.

written by Raymond Westland


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