Hacride – Lazarus

The last couple of years France has been put firmly on the metal map, mainly due to the international success and recognition of Gojira. In their slipstream many other high quality bands are on the verge of breaking through to a wider audience. Klone, Dagoba, Trepalium and Hacride are fine examples of that. Last year the latter band released an album, entitled Lazarus. Let’s see what it’s made of.

The album’s opening song is a 15 minute ball buster, entitled To Walk Among Them. It revolves around Meshuggah styled dissonant riffing, some Cynic/Devin Townsend flourished melodic parts and a wall of sound in the postcore vein of Neurosis and Isis, albeit less depressing. Basically it’s a summary of what you can expect for the rest of Lazarus.

Songs like Act Of God, My Enemy and Awakening share the enigmatic and intricate build-up of their big brother, but are somewhat shorter and more to the point. This balances out the overall song’s dynamics and contrast nicely. It also adds to the adventurous and progressive feel of Lazarus.

The suffocating and catatonic atmosphere is another key factor on Lazarus. This is achieved by subtle layers consisting of electronic and other haunting effects. These elements remind me again of their postcore brethren like the aforementioned Isis and Neurosis. Sound wise I’ve got nothing to complain. The massive production gives Lazarus a firm additional sonic edge.

Post metal, progressive death metal or progressive post death metal, I don’t care how you want to label Hacride. For me Lazarus is their finest album to date and it’s a must have for everyone who’s into challenging, uncompromising and adventurous metal and music in general. Nice!

written by Raymond Westland


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