Demians – Mute

The creative mastermind behind Demians is a Frenchman called Nicolas Chapel. He is the only core member, making it a solo tour de force in the truest sense of the word. Its debut album, Building An Empire, got the critics raving. Let’s have a look at Demians’ second instalment, entitled Mute.

Some say it’s better not to change a winning team and that’s exactly what Nicolas must have thought while writing and recording Mute. This album is very much in line with Building An Empire, without sounding like its carbon copy though. The main difference can be found in the higher compositional level and the improved overall cohesiveness of Mute.

When it comes to the overall feel of Mute it reminds me of the dynamic diversity and richness of Oceansize and Porcupine Tree. When it comes to aggression and the occasional outburst of technical powerplay bands like Deftones and Tool come to mind. Bear in mind though, that Demians isn’t about technical power play. The emphasis is on solid songwriting, creating certain moods and interesting song dynamics instead.

Despite its relative accessibility, Mute still requires a couple of spins before it really sinks in. After that it will grow on you and then you’ll discover what a great album this is. The production is once again handled by Nicolas Chapel himself and he has done a commendable job. Recommended listens: Swing Of The Airwaves, Porcelain, Black Over Gold and Rainbow Rus.

If you like Building An Empire, you will certainly fall in love with Mute. Recommended to everyone who’s into atmospheric progbands like Oceansize and Porcupine Tree. Fans of The Gathering and Anathema should give this album a chance as well. Great!

written by Raymond Westland


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