Alcest – Écailles De Lune

In essence Alcest is a French solo project with a man called Neige being the main composer. He’s also known for his involvement in Lantlôs, Les Discrets and Amesoeurs. Écailles De Lune is Alcest’s second offering and it’s another adventurous journey into the thoughts and dreams of its main composer Neige.

The first two songs, Écailles De Lune part I and II set the stage for the rest of the album. Both compositions drag the listener into a world of post rock like dreamy soundscapes alternating with the occasional black metal inspired guitar burst. Both elements complement each other in a very sophisticated way.

Percées De Lumière and Solar Song are still quite dreamy, but both have a more upbeat nature. They remind me somewhat of Anathema in their Judgement days, albeit way less depressed. Most songs are written in French, so I’m missing out on the exact lyrical meaning. However it does add to the mystical and surreal nature of this album.

The closing song, entitled Sur L’Ocean Couleur De Fer is a hauntingly beautiful composition which summarizes what this album is all about. Dreamy soundscapes, Neige’s soothing vocals and a simply magical atmosphere. A dream to behold.

Écailles De Lune by Alcest is one of those albums you should listen to on your headphones. Close your curtains, dim the lights and allow yourself to drift away on the magical journey that is Écailles De Lune. An absolutely stunning experience.

written by Raymond Westland


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