The Red Chord – Fed Through The Teeth Machine

Some years ago I had the pleasure of reviewing Clients by The Red Chord. I was totally blown away by the intelligent diversity combined with technical violence displayed on that record. Its successor was a musical tour de force, but lacked the passion of the aforementioned Clients album. Last year The Red Chord released their fourth album, entitled Fed Through The Teeth Machine, which is the subject of dissection today by yours truly.

Fed Through The Teeth Machine showcases a band that’s  hellbent on making the world known they’re back with a vengeance. Most songs are short and pointy, alternating between blistering tempos and heavy grooving parts. Nothing new you’d say, but there’s a catch here.

First of all, The Red Chord use dynamics within their songs to full effect, which makes songs like Demoraliser, Hour Of Rats, Embarrassment Legacy, Floating Through The Vain and Ingest The Ash a very intense yet satisfying listening experience. Secondly, the band added a couple of catchy hooks here and there, making songs much more memorable. Thirdly, guitarist Mike Gunface added a lot of nifty melodic guitar parts that really help to keep your attention fixed to Mouthful Of Precious Stones, The Ugliest Truth and Sleeping Nights In The Compound.

Despite all these little musical upgrades Fed Through The Teeth Machine is still an absolute behemoth when it comes to sheer musical violence. Death metal and grindcore are still the core influences of The Red Chord sound. Sound wise everything is expertly handled by the band and Chris “Zeus” Harris (Shadows Fall, Hatebreed).

Conclusion: The Red Chord have delivered their best album to date, even surpassing Clients. If you like your extreme metal intelligent and diverse, then Fed Through The Teeth Machine is the album for you!

written by Raymond Westland


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