Pathos – Katharsis

There are some bands out there which have a lot to offer in terms of quality, but for whatever reason don’t get the recognition they deserve. Take Pathos from Sweden for example. This band is as talented as they come, yet they have never broken through to a bigger audience. Let’s see whether this review of their Katharsis album can do them some justice.

On Katharsis the band offers an interesting blend of thrash metal combined with a very progressive edge. It reminds me somewhat of Nevermore in their Politics of Ecstasy and Dreaming Neon Black days. It comes down to ingeniously crafted compositions with a lot of technical twists and turns, that even bring Control Denied into mind. Katharsis demands a lot from its listeners, because there is so much going on.

The compositions themselves are rather dark and complex, however the massive choruses and the well placed leads and guitar solos tie it all together in splendid fashion. The best examples of that are songs like Inhale, Violated, Revelation, Detonation and Time to act.

Besides all the technicality and musical violence going on there’s also another tastemaker present in the form of vocalist Paul Schöning. His rather midrange and dark vocal delivery really give this Katharsis soul and a lot of balls. Production wise this album is sheer quality as only the Swedes can deliver. It’s heavy and crystal clear, exactly what this kind of music needs to thrive in.

If you are into thrash metal with a lot of progressive tendencies or vice versa, you’d do well to go after this album. Katharsis by Pathos may be hard to come by, but it’s an unknown gem which is on the same level as The Fragile Art Of Existence by Death and The Politics Of Ecstasy by Nevermore.
written by Raymond Westland


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