Audrey Horne – Audrey Horne

Besides being the lead character in David Lynch’s Twin Peaks, Audrey Horne is also the name of a Norwegian hard rock band, featuring members from Enslaved and Sahg. My first introduction to them was the Le Fol album, which is still one of my favourite records to this day. Anyway, the guys are back with their latest offering, simply entitled Audrey Horne

The straightforward approach of Le Fol has been abandoned in favour of a more layered and adventurous direction. Apparently Toschie & Co. have been listening to a lot of classic rock lately, because there are plenty of musical references to bands like Deep Purple, Rainbow and Uriah Heep. It gives this record a distinct retro feel and really adds to the whole rock and roll vibe of Audrey Horne.

The band has not lost their knack for writing memorable songs either. Great songs like Charon, Blaze Of Ashes, Sail Away, Bridge And Anchors, Pitch Black Mourning and Darkdrive will attest to that. These tunes are delivered with tons of attitude, vim and vigour. The production is expertly handled by the band in conjunction with the almighty Joe Barresi (Tool, Queens Of The Stone Age).

If you want to have some good time rock and roll delivered in well written songs with lots of attitude, then this album by Audrey Horne is the way to go. Great stuff!

written by Raymond Westland


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